I Tried BeachBody on Demand: Workout Wednesdays


Since having my son, my body has been through a few changes. While I was pregnant, I had difficulty gaining weight and had an overactive thyroid. I joked that as soon as he was born, I was going to gain all of the weight I needed and never be able to get rid of it. Well…13 months later, here I am, 75 pounds heavier and ready to make a change. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a BeachBody Coach. After reading her posts and seeing how much fun she was having with her workouts, I decided to jump in during one of their really excellent promotions.

What I Got:


During this promotion, I got to try Beachbody’s signature meal replacement/superfood drink, Shakeology. I tried both the Cafe Latte flavor and the Chocolate. These are the most costly meal replacement shakes I have come across, but they do have an impressive list of ingredients and the flavor is on point. They deliver a huge dose of vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants. For those that spend a large amount on supplements each month, switching to an all-in-one product like Shakeology is a great bargain.


For $99 per year, I have access to every workout in the BeachBody arsenal, from Hip Hop Abs to 21 Day Fix to P90X and much more. Workouts stream on your smart TV, Apple device or in your browser. There’s an accompanying app that allows you to connect with your team, track shakes, workouts, and progress.

Back before baby, I was starting to get into crossfit. I’m still not eager to dip back into that sort of training, as it brings back memories of morning sickness. Instead, I opted for a fun dance workout called Rockin Body. The workouts are fairly short (15-120 minutes per session). I had a blast keeping up with Shaun T and often followed Tania with the modified workouts.


Rockin Body is a 60-day program, and I still have about a week to go. I weighed in after 30 days, however, and was surprised to see that I hadn’t lost more than a pound. After consulting the BeachBody forums, it seems that it’s pretty typical of most of their programs. I did lose over 9 inches all over, which was great progress! After coming down with a bug this past week, I’ve switched to a yoga program called 3 Week Yoga Retreat to encourage my body to detox and heal. I’m loving the deep stretching and will probably go back and forth between these two until I finish out Rockin Body. This is one of the huge draws of BeachBody: access to every type of workout imaginable, with charismatic trainers you can’t help but love.

I highly recommend BeachBody if you’re looking for a variety of workouts to do from home. Find a coach that works for you (or join me and the amazing Traci Jackson) for best results.