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Becoming Me After Baby Workout Wednesdays

I Tried BeachBody on Demand: Workout Wednesdays

Since having my son, my body has been through a few changes. While I was pregnant, I had difficulty gaining weight and had an overactive thyroid. I joked that as soon as he was born, I was going to gain all of the weight I needed and never be able to get rid of it.


5 Baby Products No One Told Me I Would Need

Like most moms-to-be, I spent hours (days…weeks…months) poring over lists of must-have baby items. I created and modified baby registries like I used to exercise. I was going to get this right. No way would I be panicked in the middle of the night without the supplies to soothe my baby! Yeah, right. Our children


5 Ways to Ditch Distraction

Distraction is detrimental to our children. I realized this as I flipped through the photo gallery on my smartphone, while my son begged for my attention beside me. I’ve taken at least three pictures of him each day. Though he was within inches of me, I was staring at a static image instead. It dawned


Secrets to Sanity: Losing the Baby Weight…or Not

Losing weight is at the top of most new parent’s to-do lists. Right up there with getting more sleep, taking a shower, and drinking more than a lukewarm cup of water. This is especially true for new mothers, who in the span of hours go from adorably pregnant to obsessed with fitting back into pre-pregnancy


Secrets to Sanity: Coping With A Crying Baby

Sanity may not be on your baby shower registry. It may not be on your hospital bag packing list. I doubt it’s resting in your baby’s new carseat, crib, or clothing. Sanity is a gift we can give ourselves. Follow this series to learn quick, easy steps to staying sane in parenting’s most traumatic moments.


Postpartum Depression: It’s Different for Everyone

Postpartum depression crept up on me just when I thought I was in the clear. I had seen it firsthand with my husband, and I was exhibiting totally different signs. If you’re struggling AT ALL as a parent, do no hesitate to reach out! There are amazing resources that are free of cost, judgment, and


Xander, or Why I Quit Paleo

It was a much warmer summer last year. I remember because I spent the majority of it miserably hunched over the toilet in the bathroom of my apartment. My years of holistic nutrition and wellness paid off–I was pregnant, and my body wouldn’t let me forget it. I started my journey years ago after being