“It is my great pleasure to share my glowing reviews of Robin Marie Younkin here.  Robin is our virtual office administrator, and she is a joy to work with!  She is a self-starter and incredibly organized.  She has helped to manage all of the the administrative aspects of the practice, including: appointments, supporting patients outside of appointment times, ordering laboratory data, and management of payments and invoices.  She was able to master my electronic medical record in seconds and has had useful insights into how to improve systems in the practice.  Patients enjoy working with her and she fundamentally allows my business to run smoothly.  Im beyond grateful for her presence, and recommend her with enthusiasm!

More Love From Clients…


“Robin Marie Younkin came into my life like an angel out of the blue! I was trying to take my business from an expensive hobby to a profitable, professional business but I was struggling. I didn’t know what to do and kept getting lost in details and dead end sidetracks. Robin recognized things in me I couldn’t see. Sure, she saw my sincerity and integrity, but she also saw my potential. With Robin’s guidance, I was able to see myself as more than just a tarot reader. I saw myself as an empowerment coach with something to offer–with something the world needs. Deeply grateful that I met Robin, both for the work she did for me and for the transformation she helped me facilitate within myself.”

Matthew O’Brien, Varsity Witch

 Coaching with Magic and Heart

 “When trying to build your platform and get your name out there as a writer, I would offer that there are few things as valuable as having “the right people” on your team. Robin, I have come to see quite clearly, is “the right people.” As an emerging Author, I need constant help with growing my website and my audience. That is what Robin does. When I ask her a question, she has an answer. When I have an idea, she makes it happen. But most importantly, when I don’t have an idea, she still makes it happen. How? I’ll never know. But I am thankful beyond my ability to express it. She built me a gorgeous website, posts on too many social media sites to count, and attends and supports me at all my release parties. Soon, I expect, she will be the only one there instead of me so that I can focus on the part that only I can do- write the next best seller.

Robin has taken me from 500 to 2000 on FB and well over 3000 real, not purchased, on Twitter. We are growing every day at A Nicky Hjort Books and without her…. I would still be quoting other Authors instead of seeing gorgeous posts floating by my feed that quote me. Friends and family ask me all the time how I do it? The answer- Robin. That simple, that true.

I recommend Robin’s services without reservation and look forward to where we at A Nicky Hjort Books go from here.

My sincerest regards and congratulations on a decision well- made to bring Robin on board,

A Nicky Hjort

Author of the Sinister series and Norn Novellas from Lavish Publishing


“I’m a local chiropractor in Monterey and I had the pleasure of Robin working for me on my staff. Not only was she one of the best in communication she was always working when on the clock. She found many issues with our group website and handled all the marketing. I have since used her to update my website as well as get my email blasts going. I am not great with all the web and internet details but she can always explain it to me so I understand. She is quick to respond when I have questions and gets the work done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her for those with websites or those looking to gain more exposure on the internet.”

Dr. Dustin Nagai, D.C.